Meet Our Friends: Jodi Cook, Interior Designer

June 16, 2015

Jodi Cook grew up in a small Wisconsin town where people became doctors, lawyers, farmers, accountants, or other “mainstream” professions. Art had always been an interest of hers, but it wasn’t until an astute guidance counselor in college suggested interior design that Jodi switched majors and pursued a new career path. After working in Niwot and Vail for a few years, she joined Ashley Campbell Interior Design in 2010.

What projects bring out your passion for design?

I love residential design. No two jobs are the same. With commercial projects, like hotels and restaurants, you have to be universally appealing and practical. With residential, you can get very specific with the client’s preferred style. We appreciate the freedom and variety when working with different clients. Besides, seeing the look on our clients’ faces when they see their home complete is always so much fun.

And do you have a favorite room?

I like small rooms that are architecturally interesting – either the woodwork or the windows. There’s an opportunity for layering colors, furniture and artwork. But I also love whole house projects and the ability to carry the look throughout. It looks so complete. And then the accessorizing – the last small part of the budget can really take it from “nice” to “WOW!”

When looking for an interior designer, why should a client choose you?

Our process is to talk to the client about their needs: styles, colors, functions, kids, pets, do things need to be bulletproof or can they be a little more precious. And then we go through and pull together a scheme of fabrics and furniture, rugs and artwork, paint colors and all of that, and then we present it to the client for their feedback. More often than not they love it all and we go from there. We’re always open for dialogue and have backup options if they don’t identify with our choices.

Are you known for a specific style?

I would say I’m a versatile designer. All of us at Ashley Campbell are very client-driven. Style will differ from client to client, but the basic principles of design are constant.

At The Denver Shade Company, we’re obsessed with motorized window fashions. What are your obsessions, both professionally and personally speaking?

I find myself drawn to shagreen, even though it has been a trend in interiors for a while now. The rough texture and soothing colors lend a wonderfully subtle texture to a piece of furniture. I love how easily it can transition from one style to another. On the non-interior design side, I’m obsessed with jewelry. I recently went on a ring shopping spree and have been wearing them stacked. I might become a jewelry designer in a next life.

Why do you like working with The Denver Shade Company?

We turned to The Denver Shade Company because it was local and could turn the project around quickly. There are so many moving parts in a project, so to have someone take something technical like motorized shades off our plate really frees us up to do the more creative things. Jared is well-spoken and brings a level of professionalism that aligns with Ashley Campbell Interior Design. We appreciate having The Denver Shade Company in our world.