Renson opens first showroom in USA

Renson opens first showroom in USA

July 14, 2016

One of our favorite partners has partnered with other Belgian-European design firms specializing in high-end residential projects to create a flagship store on 5th Avenue in the heart of New York City. We’re excited because Renson’s space reflects their exquisite in- and outdoor living solutions — this isn’t a traditional showroom; it works just as well as a space for social and cultural events. Renson has a big presence in Europe, with increasingly widening international horizons, and this newest opening is a great indicator of their growing global reputation. We can’t wait to see what Renson does next.  

Wired vs. Wireless vs. Wire-free: Untangling the Confusion

November 30, 2015

One of the first things I get asked about motorized shades is, “Why would I pick a wired solution over a wireless one, and vice versa?” Before I answer that question, I tell them there’s also a third option: wire-free. But right as their eyes begin to glaze over in bewilderment, I begin to explain. The terms “wired” and “wireless” can be a bit of a misnomer, since they actually refer to the communication method and not the power source. Both are wired to a power source. The wired version is connected directly to a home automation system or keypad. The wireless version allows the shade to communicate via radio frequency with an internet-connected hub. This allows you to use your phone, and iPad, or local wireless keypad to control the shades. Both of these solutions work well in new construction and home remodeling when the wires can be installed

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Announcing HunterDouglas PowerView Motorization

August 10, 2015

I hope you’re enjoying these beautiful summer days. It’s been an exciting time for me, both personally and professionally. My family welcomed a new baby into our home, and if it couldn’t get better than that, HunterDouglas announced a motorized window shading technology. What a great time of year! HunterDouglas makes some of the most beautiful shades in the industry. Their Silhouette, Pirouette, Duette, and Luminette product lines are functional and aesthetically pleasing but until now have lacked motorization features commonly used by other brands. We’re excited to see them get into motorization giving our customers another option and several competitive advantages. This new motorization system, dubbed PowerView, can be operated by their intuitive PowerView App or two different types of well designed remote controls, enabling users to create the ideal room ambiance. Imagine being able to coordinate your shades with the sunrise and sunset. Imagine going on vacation knowing

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We’re ready for outdoor living with new pergolas, awnings and exterior shades

June 16, 2015

After weeks of rain, we’re finally beginning to see the sun again. I don’t know that my skin knows what to do with these UV rays! As we begin to spend more time outside, I wanted to tell you about some of our favorite exterior shading products. The Renson Camargue pictured above, takes the word “pergola” to a whole new level, transforming your terrace into an exquisite outdoor space. The roof is a series of vents that open and close to regulate light and air. When you hear thunder, imagine being able to close your pergola’s roof and side panels and actually enjoy a sudden, typical Colorado downpour. The sides of the Camargue can be customized with moveable windtight screens, glass sliding panels, or translucent blades. This incredibly wet spring will lead to a summer with more bugs than usual, but with a screened in outdoor space, you won’t be bothered

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Apple and Lutron – so happy together.

May 4, 2015

I’ll be the first to say I’m a proud tech nerd. I spend my fair share of time reading Wired, Gizmodo and TechCrunch’s blogs, all the while drooling over the latest and greatest in technology. And when any bit of tech is remotely connected to motorized shading and lighting solutions, I’m on it, ready to geek-out as any true technology lover will. Last year when Tim Cook announced the Apple Watch to the world, while we were all dazzled by the design, we also wondered, “what will we do with an Apple Watch?” I started scouring social media to see which of my favorite home automation manufacturers would be the first to release an app for this new ground-breaking product. It didn’t take long and wasn’t a big surprise to see that Lutron, one of our favorite partners, was first out the gate with an Apple Watch app. We’re proud

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