Welcoming homeowners into our motorized shading showroom

March 10, 2016

We’ve had some people come timidly into the showroom, unsure if they need to bring an interior designer with them. While most of our work is done with fabulously talented interior designers, we are always open and excited by the prospect of working with individual clients, to help them create and execute their vision.

Many homeowners have found us through a referral, a web search or on the design site Houzz. Usually after a short discussion through email or phone, we invite clients into our showroom to see working versions of most of the beautiful products and systems we offer, along with the various customization options (some of which are shown in the photograph above).

Recently, we had a client come in to get a better feel for our offerings. Not all products offer the same technology, and not all technologies have the same fabric options. She chose a system based on the functionality she desired and we sent her home with several fabric samples to try out in the room. She had a good sense of what she wanted, so we were able to work together in the same way a designer creates a design board. It’s always fun to help a homeowner learn about the options and narrow down their choices.

Whether you’re working with a designer or have your own ideas for your home, give us a call at 303-517-1994 to set an appointment to see our showroom. It is truly the best place to experience the wonderful options available in the beautiful world of motorized shading systems.