Wired vs. Wireless vs. Wire-free: Untangling the Confusion

November 30, 2015

One of the first things I get asked about motorized shades is, “Why would I pick a wired solution over a wireless one, and vice versa?” Before I answer that question, I tell them there’s also a third option: wire-free. But right as their eyes begin to glaze over in bewilderment, I begin to explain.

The terms “wired” and “wireless” can be a bit of a misnomer, since they actually refer to the communication method and not the power source. Both are wired to a power source. The wired version is connected directly to a home automation system or keypad. The wireless version allows the shade to communicate via radio frequency with an internet-connected hub. This allows you to use your phone, and iPad, or local wireless keypad to control the shades. Both of these solutions work well in new construction and home remodeling when the wires can be installed without cutting and patching walls. It also works for people who don’t want to worry about changing a battery every few years, though The Denver Shade Company is working to eliminate this concern.

The future of motorized shading systems is in wire-free solutions. Each shade runs on battery power and is controlled via radio frequency by the wireless device of your choosing. This makes it so anybody can have motorized shades. And just in the last year, the best companies in the business have made huge advances in wireless shading systems, from battery life to fashion choices. These solutions easily integrate with your other home devices like Nest thermostats.

As an added service, The Denver Shade Company is offering a service plan where we will come out and replace the batteries on schedule. Just one more thing we can do to make your home life more enjoyable.

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