Classic Projects: Window Shades with No Airbrush Required

August 19, 2015

As I flip through design and architecture magazines, I have to laugh a little. The furniture, the fixtures, the wall art all speak of an expert architect, a thoughtful designer and skilled craftsmen. Most of the time, however, you don’t even notice the work done by The Denver Shade Company. And sometimes, that’s the beauty of it.

One of my favorite projects was a new build of a sleek penthouse in Boston with some of the best city views I’d ever seen. To capitalize on those views and maintain it’s contemporary feel, the designer wanted to use recessed motorized roller shades and turned to us to figure out a solution. We were meticulous with our measurements so the fabric, size and wiring would be perfect the first time. When the penthouse was complete, we were proud of how well our work meshed with the rest of the project. But it was the feature in New England Home Magazine that really told us we’d met expectations.

Some rooms benefit from the color, pattern or texture window fashions provide, while others just need the shades to get out of the way so the focus can be on what’s beyond the windows or what is inside. As an added benefit, when magazines feature homes with corded shades, the editors usually airbrush the unsightly cords out of the picture. With our shading solutions, airbrushing isn’t necessary. That’s the beauty of it.

Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, give us a call or stop by our showroom and let the Denver Shade Company show you that with us perfection truly is automatic.